About Community Board 12

Community Board 12 is comprised of the neighborhoods of Borough Park, Dahill, Midwood and Kensington.

In the past few years, we have had a sizeable increase in population. Since many of our residents are religious, large families are the rule rather than the exception. The birthrate is above average with eight to ten children per family being the norm. In addition to increased family size, new families are locating in our District. We are also experiencing an influx of many new immigrants, i.e. Asians, Russians, Polish, Pakistani and Bangladeshi.

The Chinatown of Brooklyn is located on 8th Avenue, which is the boundary between Community Board 7 and Community Board 12. This area is comprised of immigrants from mainland China. The influx has been steadily increasing and now numbers approximately 27,000, which represents a significant number of our total population. The Borough Park West section of our District now hosts many Chinese businesses, medical offices and outreach as well as property owners, tenants and students.

The Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrant population has grown in leaps and bounds in the Kensington/Dahill area of our District as have the immigrants from India. In addition, with the construction of 100 new housing units on the former Culver El site; that area has had a significant increase in population. Also, Kensington, particularly the Ocean Parkway corridor, is hot to Russian immigrants who are replacing the senior population of that area who formerly occupied the high-rise apartment buildings along this corridor.

In addition, our Polish immigrant population, as well as the Hispanic population is located in the Borough Park section of our District.

The Midwood section is in the throes of change with more and more construction of larger homes to accommodate the needs of the Sephardic community.

Borough Park continues to be the most densely populated section of the District. Because of religious constraints, the large families remain within walking distance of each other.

All areas of our District are experiencing resurgence in immigrants. All of this is contributing to the density of this District as a whole.

The Community Board 12 District, mostly through its Community efforts has become a much desired area in which to live. We cannot permit those “fringe” areas of our District that need revitalization to remain undeveloped. Attention must be focused on the outlying areas.

However, it appears that the City, in its quest for revenue, has targeted the small shopkeeper and the private homeowner along with motorists for violations issued for minor infractions of various regulations, while at the same time, reducing City services and increasing taxes and fines. Many of our commercial strips have empty stores.

Since Community Board 12 does not have a proliferation of large conglomerates, nationwide chains, or corporate structures in our District, the small business and property owner has been our mainstay. People work and live in our District thereby assuring the viability of our area and keeping the dollar flow in the community.

At present, our residents retain a commitment to our area. The City, State and Federal Government must allocate fair-share funding to urban communities to encourage and foster this commitment.

Through various means of development, the Community Board 12 District has remained a viable tax base. However, City response to the genuine needs of this area must be addressed.

The Community Board 12 District is an area that dates back to 1900. Many of our structures, streets and sewer systems date back to that era.

Capital Budget Requests & Priorities FY 2012

The items listed under “Capital Budgetsare the Community Board’s “Wish List” for items to be funded in the next fiscal year. Each year a District Public Hearing is held and community is encouraged to add their input. The Board votes on the items and they become part of the official requests for the District.

Capital Budget Requests & Priorities FY 2012

• Demolish and Reconstruct a New 66th Precinct Station House.
• Build a Sound Barrier in the back of the Annex lot which will be used as a Parking Lot for BK12 Trucks.
• Construct New Sewer lines on 11th Avenue from 50th to 60th Streets and on 14th Ave. from 45th to 55th Streets.
• Do a complete traffic study and evaluation for Avenue I from McDonald Ave. to Ocean Pkwy.
• Remove Bocci court at Brizzi Park and make this park a comfort station park.
• Construct public restrooms in playground area on East 5th Street. (Marcus Park)
• Redesign and reconstruct 13th Avenue from 37th St. to 60th Street.
• Remove Metal trolley tracks from Church Ave. and McDonald Ave.
• Improve Traffic signs on Ocean Pkwy and enhance them both on the main and service roads.
• Purchase Mini salt spreader and haulster to plow and salt the numerous dead-end and narrow streets in district.
• Restrooms in Gravesend Park need major renovations.
• Funds needed to refurbish the Dome Park located at 38th Street and 15th Ave.
• Purchase two new mechanical sweepers for BK12 sanitation.
• Funds needed for New irrigation and drainage system for Friends Field Baseball field.
• Greenstreets for the Kensington area of Community Board 12.
• Maintain water main throughout the District and upgrade them when necessary.
• Establish a community center for the Kensington area residents.

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